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featured Drums – Snare

Spiritdrums 14 x
6.5 Cooktown Ironwood Solid Shell snare (1999)

My staple snare for
most occasions. Lots of volume, bite and sensitivity. Die casts hoops just make
it sing!

Love it Love it
Love it!

on Drumdojo.


13×4 Maple Snare

I have two
favourite alternative snare options for the studio. A 14×5 Ludwig Black
Beauty and this wee DW with a high natural pitch but lots of body.

These 3 snares
complete my standard studio snare selection but I have others from which I can

Rack Toms

Spiritdrums 10×8
Cooktown Ironwood Solid Shell Drumset.

This is part of
Spiritdrums Custom set #3 10×8, 12×10, 14×12, 20×16 dated Jan 2000 read review…

There are less
than 20 of these hand made drumsets in the world Here’s a link to

Each drum is hand carved to
affect the internal wave pattern [apparently]

Spiritdrums Website

 Pearl Masters Custom,
10, 12, 14, 20 in black lacquer. This is my second kit.

On the Site I am
using the 10″. Nice kit, quieter and warmer than the Spirit but lacks the same